How to review your story

Read your story slowly. This will help you find out if you have forgotten any words in the text. Also look for missing letters et c. Not all misspelt words are underlined in red on the computer. A misspelt word can have a totally different meaning, and it can confuse the reader.

Make sure you use all the correct punctuation marks. (. , ? ! )

Check if you have used capital letters correctly. Do not forget that many words in English are spelt with a capital letter, for example weekdays, months, nationalities and most importantly when you write the word "I".

Have you written your texts in paragraphs? 

Have you made good descriptions? You can for example describe the five senses (see, hear, taste, smell and feel) like “she felt a cold hand on her shoulder”. Or “he saw something on the roof of the rusty car” or maybe it smelled horrible, "like rotten fish”.

Have you used a varied vocabulary? Check so you don't start all sentences in the same way.

Make sure you do not repeat obvious things like “at first I went… and then I came back”, let the reader use his or her own imagination.

Remember to read it through one final time, after you have done the corrections and before you publish the story.

Good luck!